EZ ID Kits needed in every County of every State!

Protect the children and elders you love!

$100 raised

$2,300 goal

/ 150


Safe Surfin' Foundation is raising awareness of the need for EZ ID for children and for elders who may tend to wander. This state-of-the-art computer software, digital finger print reader and camera is self contained in an sturdy case that is easily portable and super-easy to use.

Schools, county fairs, scout troops, vacation Bible schools, anywhere where children are gathered, should be ID'd. It's easy, fast, accurate and could provide the essential information that law enforcement would need in the case of a child, (or Senior) that goes missing.

All the information is burned to a CD or zip drive and given to the parent for safe keeping. There is also a Free app for Androids and I-Phones and all the information can be sent to the parents' phone to have on hand in case of emergency while traveling, at the mall, or on vacation at Disney. Should a child go missing, the information can immediately be disseminated by the parent direct to law enforcement for immediate broadcast.

Time is of the essence should anyone go missing! Be prepared.

Gather members of your community to raise the funds for your very own EZ ID kit to keep the children and seniors in your town/city/county safer in case of emergency.

All donations will be tracked by donor. Once an area reaches the cost of an EZ ID kit, $2300.00, a unit and full instructions will be sent to the representative of that area to begin ID events in your area.

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