Supply Life-saving ballistic vests to officers in need

They protect us, lets protect them!

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200,000 law enforcement officers(according to Rand corp.) are without life-saving ballistic vests. This is due to budget short-falls and their inability to purchase them for themselves. Some are wearing vests that are grossly outdated...the life span of a Kevlar ballistic vest is 5 years. We have met officers wearing vests over 20 years old. They say "something is better than nothing!"

Safe Surfin' has already supplied 694 vests to law enforcement across the country. over the past 3 years. But we have lists of many more officers in desperate need.

Please help us supply at least 20 more vests in this coming year. If you wish, you can make a donation to a specific agency or officer in need. Just let us know where you want it to g and we will get the officer's custom measurements and color requirements.